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First off, an announcement: W.i.t.c.h. Sovereigns has a forum now!

I noticed that the comment function here on the website isn't the greatest and the polls are difficult to manage, too. So now you can leave your comments, ideas, thoughts and feedback in the forum instead. That way I'll get notified immediately if one of you posts something and you'll get a quick reply.

And now: Hooray! The first poll is closed and there was SO much participation!!! Thanks so much to all of you out there! This has been super fun and I hope it was for you, too.
The winner is Irma with only 1 vote before Will and Hay Lin!
If you keep an eye on my goals, you'll notice that there's a Prologue coming up next. It's a 2 pages prologue so not too much talk, I promise. Page one is already lineart-ed and written and just needs the colouring. I also want to do a mini poster as was custom in the magazines. I won't spend too much time on that though to make sure I'll get going with the actual comic. While working on those things I can also come up with the details of the 2-pages feature of Irma. So exciting!!!

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