First panelled comic page!!!

Wohoo! The first comic page is online! With panels and all!! Super excited about that and happy that I managed to get a (quick) mini cover/poster done for the issue, too!

This is (as already said many times) the prologue, NOT the adventure. The prologue consists of two pages, one is finished so only one more to go. It's an additional introduction with some facts and fancy fandom stuff (like all the villains in the picture above). After that the actual adventure starts with a 1-2 pages feature of Irma since she won the poll. So be patient with me! She'll make her entrance soon!

I just read that in France professional comic artists usually take 2 weeks of work for one comic page. So 1 month for someone who's never done a comic before and does it free time only seems like a reasonable schedule. Of cause I hope to be able to upload faster but can't make any promises. I'm currently back in class and have to get through some exams, too.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated as always!

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