Finally Prologue P02 done!

Geeeeeez I'm finally done...
Just finished the next page for the prologue and I can tell you it wasn't easy! I had a lot of difficulties getting the page to work all-over. I usually look at each panel separately. The panel positioning works alright but getting the right colour scheme for the entire page if the panels show so many different scenes... that's NOT EASY! AT ALL!! Also I had to adjust it a little so it fits to the first comic page from the style and then I had the problem of making the backgrounds move back so the attention would stay on the characters up front and NOT the background.... ugh! I'm beat.
The page is currently in beta reading session so once that's done I can upload it. It's almost exactly one month later since the last page was finished, that only underlines my first estimation for an upload schedule. One month per page is realistic I think. Of cause each page has a different difficulty, that means some might be a little faster and some a little longer... but overall a month per page should work out.


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