Exams, Irma's Feauter & Castings

The comic is temporarily in waiting or... hiatus, however you want to call it. Don't worry, it will only last for a tiny bit, max until the weekend. Still I feel like informing you guys about it. The reason is that I have a really big exam this week. 2 1/2 hours, that's how long it will take and I need to make final preperations and study sessions. After that, the next class already starts so I won't have time for the comic until the weekend. But hey, that's only one week. I think we can tolerate that.


Next up is the Irma feature and start of the Adventure! Wohoo!!! So excited! The sketches for the next two pages have already been done so next is the lineart and the colouring which takes the longest. The page will be slightly easier than the previous one so I expect it to go a tiny bit faster.

To pass the time, I have left you another poll that you can participate in and I will soon start another casting, this time a bigger one where you can get the chance to become part of the comic yourself or have one of your characters featured. Be sure to come by regularly so you don't miss it!

Alrighty, that's it for today! See you in a bit and stay tuned!
I'll go back to studying now.

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