April fools and may look-out

Before you start wondering: The April fool is me. And here's why: Remember how I asked what I should use April and May for? Commissions, the comic and so on? Yeah, well, turns out I needed the last two weekends completely for my sisters birthday present. And I'm still not finished!!!! I'm making her a fancy looking family tree the size of a big poster and I completely underestimated the effort!! First I underestimated how long it took to get all the names together, then set them up with a tool to make the connections clear (who's the sister, husband, father of who), then research how I want to make it look like in fancy painted version... that was one weekend. After that I had to split the tree in two because otherwise it would never fit on a normal paper format and then align the family parts in a way I could paint a tree under it. I wasn't clever enough to do all of that in Photoshop already so I had to put all of that over there first and then managed to draw the outlines of the Skandinavian tree at least. Today I'll go for colouring and tomorrow I'll do the whole thing over for the other side of the family. Phew! At least I could sketch around a tiny bit here and there but that's about it. Good thing is I HAVE to get this done until Easter so after that I can focus on the comic again.

As for May, here's the things I want to do:

  1. Get two sketches out for commissions I promised (first weekend)
  2. take some vacation off to focus on the comic
  3. rework this website and ko-fi to make them user friendly
  4. Start with the lineart of the next comic page (sketch is already done)

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