Potential threat to the comic

In Europe there's currently talk about adding new articles (13 and 11; or actually 11 and 17) to the copyright law. These articles might - in a worst case scenario - mean that I can no longer make my comic pages or artworks that are based on Disney's W.i.t.c.h. public. As far as I understand the articles, the law is mostly meant for profit-websites. Since I don't make money with the comic itself, it could mean that I can continue working on it however I want.

In general I think they're not a bad idea and especially my country agreed on these terms because they wanted to use them FOR the many artists like me, to give them a way to be safe from copycats or people who use their art without permission, give them a way to earn a bit of money for every page that shows their work. Laws like that already exists for other things so why not for artworks? So, yes I see the point in that. We just have to see to what extend this will be pulled through.

It never gets boring, ey?
The final decision takes place this year in June. I am already checking what options I have depending on the impact these articles could have on fan content and of cause I will keep you updated and I also plan to include you guys in the final decision making.
Until then I will continue working on the comic as usual.

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