Update on Page 8

As you might have noticed due to my lack of updates, my vacation was over (far to quickly in my opinion) and I'm back to work. On the right you can see a quick draft I did for a challenge at work. I like the cat the most haha!


To wrap up the lineart and start a tiny bit on colouring, I'll use tomorrow, since it's a holiday here. I will then give you another update on how things went and how far I've gotten. Recently I tried out my new software for colouring as well and it was pretty simple. So that should save me some time. Until now I used to lineart and layout the page in Clip Art Studio and then coloured and shaded it with Photoshop.
In general that one week of work showed me just how much time a comic page takes. I mean that in a good way. I worked on it from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. so regular working hours with a break of 1h hour inbetween and that 4 days straight. The fifth day was only half so it doesn't count. This tells us that I need a full 5 days of work to get the lineart done and I'm guessing that I'll be needing another 5 days of full-time work for the colouring. So 2 working weeks in total.

In general I want to keep track of the time more often now. My art is getting more complex and better (if I may say so myself) and I'm starting to want to be payed an amount that somewhat equals the effort I put into it and the time I use for it. So far commissions to me have mostly been about having fun and trying things out but I'm starting to wanting to add to that, like I said since my style has grown over the years.
That means commissions will become more expensive towards the end of the year. But fear not. I won't charge a huge amount. Just one that is more fitting.

Besides I won't be doing many commissions this year anyway. After all I want to get on with the comic! But I'd like to take another two commissions or so in August or September maybe to get a small break from the comic.
I'm currently considering doing YCH (Your character here) commissions. Either with princesses (so fancy swinging gowns or singing or dancing people, the typical princess stances) OR more in direction of W.i.t.c.h. again.


Bla bla bla! Sorry for the side-track! I'll be up with some news tomorrow, latest on tuesday.
See ya!

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