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Below you'll find an overview of all issues currently available along with the extras of each issue and a short summary. By clicking an image you can enlarge it for better reading.

At the bottom you can also check on my current working progress and next goals.


01: The Path of Light

Summary: Summer break is over and the girls start another year of school. In Kandrakar they
                learn more about their roles as Sovereigns and a new adventure takes it's course.

Extras: Prologue, W.i.t.c.h. retrospection, Meet the W.i.t.c.h. girls, Poster

Spin-Offs & Specials

Last year I asked all of you to vote for my next Halloween story. Well, this is what came out! I accidentally created a spin-off for the W.i.t.c.h. Sovereign comic, introducing Maze.

Summary: Troublemaker Maze is sent off to live with his aunt in Heatherfield. But as his first day at school grows near, so does Halloween and this year it's gonna get real  crazy out there!


Progress & Goals

Comic STATUS: in progress

Since I'm used to an incremental way of working, I'm using small goals to define my next load of work. While the main story is already set, the progression of the comic will be slow so it's important for me to have easy achievable successes so I stay motivated.

Through the goals you can see what I'm currently working on and how things are going. For a more detailed view on my current work, move on over to the News section.

 in progress   -   waiting/stuck  -   testing   -   finished


Goal 1 : Finish the cover art of Issue 00

Goal 2: Comic Summary/What happened last

Goal 3 : Finish prologue page 01

         Goal 3.1: Add a Mini poster

Goal 4 : Finish prologue page 02

Goal 5: Finish Adventure Page 01 - Irma feature

         Goal 4.1: Come up with a 'story' for the  Irma-pages

         Goal 4.2: Set all the roles for adventure page 02

Goal 6: Finish Adventure Page 02 - Irma feature + guests from casting

Goal 7: Finish Spin-off Halloween story

Goal 8: Finish Adventure Page 03

Goal 9: Finish Adventure Page 04