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I received a few questions that might be of interest to you guys, so I've decided to start a little Q&A section here. You can ask questions via the comment section at the bottom, via my contact data, or the tools of other platforms like Deviantart or Instagram.


Question: "Will Elyon and Orube appear?"

Answer: Yes, they are planned to make an appearance but how and when I won't say yet.


Question: "How much do you have planned for this project?"
Answer: A lot, actually. I planned a full main story with several new places and characters,
             plus some old ones, of cause. But since I work alone on this in my free time I can't
             promise I'll reach all of them so... I'd rather not go into detail. Small goals are easier
             to handle for the time being.


Question: "How close are you staying to the original comics?"

Answer: Very close. Everything that happened in the original, happened in this one, too. (e.g.
              people died) That doesn't mean I can't add new content, revoke a decision etc. 


Question: "How long did it take you to make the first comic page?"

Answer: For the very first comic page it's hard to say. I started on it almost a year ago, then
             paused and got back to it this year. Sometimes I worked on it for an hour, other
             times a whole day. But to give a rough estimation: About 8-10 days from idea to
             finished page.


Question: "What program and brushes do you use?"

Answer: I work a lot with Photoshop but will be trying out Clip Art Studio soon. As for the
             brushes, for this comic I actually use the standard Photoshop brushes, the general
             round brush and one of the brushes that looks like pencil strokes. 


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