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'W.i.t.c.h.' is a Disney comic and cartoon series, owned solely by the Disney company.
The original idea was developed by Elisabetta Gnone and was first published by Disney Italy in 2001. I do not own any characters, designs or other items from the original series.


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Comic Idea

Main Story - Enny

Idea Contributor and Discussions Pal - Cole


Comic art

All cover & comic art by Enny (unless otherwise noted under the picture)


Outfit Designs

Sovereign Outfits except Taranee - JustNeus

Sovereign Outfit adjustments & Taranee -  Enny

All other Outfits - Enny


Beta Readers

My best friend Cole

My lovely boyfriend



Core membership on Deviantart - ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster, Anonymous Contributor


Guest Appearences

Thank you so very much!!!

Wanna' join the list of "awesome people"?
Easy cakes! If you have an idea that fits into the comic or something you'd love to see, maybe a clothes design or character, want to become a beta reader or a supporter, simply leave me a message or get in contact via E-mail or on one of my social media accounts and BAM! you're on the list of awesomeness!

Also, you'll be credited for your contributions under every comic page where it is used.