How you can help!

I'm not going to make any money with this comic. Still there are ways you can help me create it! (and make it into the credits):

  1. Spread the word! - on Instagram, DA, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Give feedback - share your thoughts and wishes!
  3. Participate in polls - help me make decisions and become part of this project!
  4. Share WITCH Stuff - I'm always looking for references of WITCH specials or other stuff. Photos or scans would be awesome! I also buy WITCH stuff if it's something I don't have yet
  5. Contribute ideas - you have a cool idea for the 

    comic? let me know so we can make this comic fun for everyone!

7. Offer your skills & knowledge - you have a skill set or knowledge that might help me  

    improve or get faster? Or maybe you can help me create the comic! Notify me!

6. Donations & gifts - you can of cause always donate stuff to me as an artist to help out.
    I'm happy about pretty much anything, really. A little postcard, some pencils, a few dollars
    or a really nice tea! Contact me for my paypal or postal adress OR hit the blue

    button below.

Buy Me a Tea at

Get in touch!

Curious about the person behind the comic?
Find out more about me by checking the "About" section. Since I figured most of your were interested in the comic rather than the author, I hid the section well in the footer ;)
Also, you can simply get in touch!


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