Official Website - Oh-yeah!

Wohoo! The website is online!

For some reason this feels like a big step. Like I  "officially" committed myself to doing this comic. I can't tell how long this will take since I have a life on the side (ha-ha) but I'm excited and will do my best! And there's even an icon and a logo!!! *squeals*


As some of you might have already noticed, I work with small goals so the first BIG Goal would be to finish the entire first issue. That brings me to the current state of the project.
I'm currently actively working on the Cover page. I started with the first comic page and then decided I didn't want to publish the comic without a cover, so page 1 is currently in waiting position until the cover is finished. Finding the right cover was suuuuper tough and took me like forever. No idea was good enough since it's the very first issue of the new comic series. Had it been the second, I would've had several potential candidates but for the first... Okay, I might be overthinking it but somehow I wanted it to convey this "welcome back!" mentality.


And luckily, I managed to come up with something! Now I just have to finish colouring and finalising. The background will cost me most of the time but I'm hoping to improve in backgrounds throughout this project.


Alright! Enough talk! I'm gonna write my last exam today and then I can continue the cover!
Full steam ahead!!!


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