Your Vote Decides!

With Polls you can actively influence the comic! After a poll is closed, I'll post a summary of the outcome below so we have a nice overview of all the topics and decisions you guys helped me with!
Should you have trouble participating in a poll, try to refresh the page. Sometimes they have loading difficulties. If your browser isn't up to date, that could also be the source of the problem. Other places to participate in the polls are on Deviantart or Instagram.


Poll 05: What should my Halloween story be about?

Another poll people! YEAH!
This time I asked you guys what type of Halloween story I should be writing. I had several possible settings or themes in mind and asked which one you'd like best.
Well, to my luck number 6 was voted! The one that was the most challenge!
So I started writing and accidentally created the next W.i.t.c.h. Sovereigns character.
Stay tuned for "White Light!"

Poll 04: What size should the cards have?

I checked a little what sizes cards can have an WOW! They come in lots of shapes! I asked you guys on DA and Instagram which size you'd prefer and the bigger, tarot size won!
I am starting to produce them, however it will take a little bit of time until I'll have them finished. After all I want them to look nice and shiny and there's also quite a bunch to design!

Thanks for participating people!!

Poll 03: Should I create magical cards?

The next question is up!
Do you think a magical set of cards like these would be cool to have? I would sell them here via my website to cover a few expenses like tea, pencils, maybe get myself a scanner to make work on the comic easier and faster. I don't want to make money with the comic directly but truth be told, I could use a little extra at the moment...
Sadly the poll website I'm normally using is having some issues so if you want to participate, please visit my DA account, instagram, leave me a comment below or just write me an e-mail. I'd love to hear your opinion!


Poll 02: Should I make castings for the comics?

The second poll for you guys was whether or not I should make castings for extra roles in the comics. Since I need people to fill the scenes I figured it could be fun to have you guys or your characters featured in the comic.
Many many people answered and it was almost unanimous YES!

You can find a new section for Castings only on the website now and the next one is almost up!


Poll 01: Who should start the adventure?

The results are finally here!
And the winner is... IRMA!!!! Hooraaay!
It was a close race! Irma battled hard against Will and Hay Lin but in the end she won with one vote in advance.
This means she'll start the comic after the Prologue is over and will have 1-2 pages all to herself! Let's hope the fame doesn't get to her head...

Thanks to all who participated!