Hooray! Another page uploaded! This time it's a retro of what has happened last for all of you who might not be familiar with the original comic series; who know the cartoon better than the comics; or who haven't read all 139 comics.

It basically sums up all you need to know in order to feel comfortable with the new story that is about to begin. All facts rely completely on the original Disney comics, I just summed them up.

Originally this page wasn't even planned. But I quickly figured I needed some way to get everyone on the same page. About a week ago I went through some old W.i.t.c.h. magazines because I was looking for something and stumbled upon the retrospective they did there. In it, there was a quick summary of the general story, an overview of the five girls and a more detailed description of what happened in the previous issue. And what can I say: I copied the concept and adjusted it to my needs and style. Why invent the wheel all over again if it already works as it it, right?

Anyway, I'm pretty happy how it turned out and it was a great thing for myself to sort out the most important facts for the girls and their Sovereign-hood.

I'm also going to do a follow up of the introduction, featuring each girl with their Sovereign powers and so on. Until then, I'll continue my work on the Prologue and am looking forward to the final outcome of the poll tomorrow!!! So amazing that so many people participated! I never would've guessed! So thanks so very much, guys!


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