Friends again!

My crisis is over! Hooray! Remember me being so frustrated with Clip Studio Paint? Well, the two of us simply needed some time to get to know each other I think. Now we're getting along fine and I could finally continue my work on the comic with the drawing of a happy early bird! I personally love bird song so it was fun to draw this! It's not finished, obviously.


The next comic page will be slightly delayed because of my issues with the new software and also because I had no time whatsoever in the past two weeks to do anything on it. Next week is pretty full, too so I won't be able to work on it as much as I'd like to.
I'm looking for a new job more actively and get way more response than I had imagined. Which is good but that also means lots of interviews and meetings and stuff to prepare and organise and... blaaa blabla. Let's just say I'm happy it's the weekend, finally! Meanwhile I've been doing some thinking on the creation of the Sovereign Cards deck and also thought about the proper role selection for the winners of the last casting.
I think the software will really help me out in the future! Panel creation is so much nicer and I really like the brushes and tools! Hopefully it will enable me to create pages more quickly.


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