Page 8 Progress Day 2

Here's today's update!

I managed to lineart half the page. Hay Lin looks more like herself too and I added some nice little details to her dress. You can check out the current panels in the Archive. Again quite happy with the progress so far. I even managed to add a pair of glasses for Taranee! I'm super bad at drawing glasses so I was afraid it would turn out a disaster. Instead it turned out to be fairly easy! My highlight of today!


Can you guess where this clock is from?


Three panels are still missing from which I managed to sketch out one in detail and also started with the lineart a little today. So... more like 2 and 1/3 panels haha!
Now I'm off for the cinema with some friends! I'll be back tomorrow with the latest news!

Oh, and be sure to check out the progress screenshots in the Archive!

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