Cover Trouble


After deciding that I wanted to start the comic with a cover the project went into hiatus. Why? Because I couldn't decide!!! I spend maybe 2-3 months only on finding the right idea and concept for a cover! You can see some of the candidates above that made it to the second round kind, which just means they're not uncoordinated scribbles any more but you can actually see what it might look like later. The whole matter stressed me a lot. I desperately wanted a cover and it was supposed to impress people, both long-time fans of the franchise but it should also be nice to look at for people who might not know W.i.t.c.h.
I wanted to show magic, but at the same time preferred to show the girls in casual clothes. I thought about a redo of an old cover, then decided against it because I wanted to mark the first issue as "THIS IS NEW!" instead of just copying the idea of a Disney artwork.
UGH it was super frustrating!

After a while I just took the "come join the adventure" cover sketch (third one above) and turned it into Heatherfield with a tiny bit of magic through the Heart of Kandrakar and the fortress being in the clouds. After a lot of annoyed mumbling and grumpy sketching and lineing and such I actually started liking it.
In the end the cover turned out alright. I don't like the colouring I used extremely a lot but it's the best I am capable of at the moment. Maybe in a few months I may have an idea how I can colour it otherwise and will rework it? Anyway, for now it gives off a nice feeling for the start!

Geez, I really marked that day in my calender when I finally decided on that cover!!!

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