Today I'd like to show you how I go about the layout of each comic page, I like to call it "Paneling". First of cause I have the idea of what is supposed to happen in the page. I write those ideas down, formulate some texts if necessary and theoretically think through how many panels I need and fit on the page in order to convey all of that. If I feel I'm done with this step, I sit down and doodle one of these: A panel sketch. They really not big, as you can see. Aproximately the size of a post-it or two paperclips high. These are really just to try out where I want to put which information on the page and how this looks. If it doesn't look well, I change it or make a new sketch. If I like the layout, I adjust the written form of it in my script.

Now, even if it takes a couple of months until I get to the equivalent page, I can get right to it, thanks to the combination of panel sketch and the details I wrote down. Also small sketches are way faster done than big ones. Those come later.


Well, that's it for today, kids!
If you have questions, feel free to drop a comment or come by the forum!

Read'ya next time!


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