Problem solved


I was lacking motivation lately to continue with the comic and I couldn't really define why. I thought I had worked on it too long and that the project didn't appeal to me any more but then again I loved coming up with new designs and thinking about characters or little ideas I could include so that clearly couldn't be it. So today I sat there in front of my computer and lamely coloured out the third Irma. I was sticking to basic colouring, instead of adding shading right away because I thought it would make things faster and easier. But something was off. So I talked to my boyfriend about it... and then to a good friend of mine on deviantart and suddenly it dawned on me. THAT exactly was the problem!


You see this comic page to me is really big. There's tons of spaces that need to be coloured and it feels like forever. Even half an hour felt like forever for this page but usually those minutes go by without me even noticing! Now, because I didn't shade everything right away, it was still unfinished, even though I had spent quite some time on it. And even though three Irmas were coloured basic, it still looked crappy. I think I didn't get enough reward for what I was doing. After realizing this I tried out colouring AND shading one panel and voila! Back was the fun!

Good thing to learn here for myself: I should stick to colouring one panel after the other and add shading right away, at least roughly. Otherwise I get unhappy and annoyed and won't make progress. Yeah! Feels like I got to know my artist-self a little better there!

See ya next time folks!

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