Page 07 finally finished!

Check out the new comic page here!
Took me forever! Partially because last year I was suddenly so busy with private life stuff and work and this year I was learning a lot about comics and hence needed to adjust around this page until I was somewhat satisfied. I think it's okay now. It's not my best work or comic page but that's okay. It works and I hope you guys will have fun reading it. And well, I did learn a lot making it, that's also great, right? So anyway, I'll make a short break this month to get some storyboarding done for the next pages, prepare them better to prevent 1000 last minute changes like I had to do here and also I'll have to do a few commissions to get some money back in.

So for the time being, the next page is in waiting. But latest next month I will continue with it again, so no worries.

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